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The prevention of workplace injury and illness ultimately reduces the overall workers compensation costs for an employer. Focused on collaboration and producing measurable outcomes, we work with employers to reduce their workers compensation exposures, establish integrated action plans, and develop effective transitional duty programs. Results include a safer workplace, fewer injuries, and the overall improvement in an organization’s experience modification factor - a primary component used in calculating workers compensation premium. Employers supported by Key Risk are provided automatic access to a variety of Essential Risk Management and Safety resources. Your dedicated Risk Management Professional and the Corporate Team can provide you with resources specific to the needs of your business.

Complimentary resources from Key Risk include:

Essentials™ Training Resources

A variety of written safety programs, training materials, employee safety meeting handouts, self-audit tools, and standard programs and policies are available. Additionally, to support employer safety meetings our SafetyConnection overview handouts serve as a quick reference for safety and risk management topics.

Essentials Online Videos - Over 600 Titles

Essentials Online Videos provides over 600 online video offerings featuring safety and risk management topics. Many online videos include follow-up quizzes and supporting materials. Additionally, more than 350 of the topics are also available in Spanish.

Risk Management &
Safety Resources

Dedicated Risk Management Services

Essentials Online Videos

Written Safety Programs and
Presentation Materials


Resource Packets

Training Modules

KeyCares Newsletter

Featured SafetyConnections & Upcoming Webinars

Bringing workers compensation and risk management expertise to your desktop with a variety of written safety programs, training materials, and employee safety meeting handouts. To support employer safety meetings our SafetyConnection program is a quick reference of topic specific resources. Take a tour of our featured SafetyConnection topics and register to attend an upcoming webinar.

KeyCares Newsletters

Focused on delivering better outcomes through employee safety and wellness, the KeyCares newsletter is a quarterly resouce available from Key Risk to support employer wellness programs.

Clients may request any of these resources directly from their dedicated risk management professional or by contacting our Corporate Risk Management team by phone at 800.942.0225, Ext 3367920 or by email at