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Through our Key Alliance™ program we believe we have the strongest, most aligned agency distribution in our history. As a proprietary approach to agency relations, the Key Alliance program is comprised of a select group of agents who are focused on delivering value. The commitment of our agents to provide employers with value in their workers compensation program is what differentiates Key Risk from the market.

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Key Alliance Market Focus & New Business

With a sole focus on workers compensation, Key Risk provides traditional insurance solutions to a wide range of businesses. This includes industries such as manufacturing, hospitality, service, retail, wholesale, healthcare, and public entity. For more information on our appetite, please contact your Key Risk territory representative.

Appointed Key Alliance agents with Key Risk may submit new business by email.
Traditional Insurance:

For agents with prior access to Key Risk Plaza and Small Business Solutions please click here for a reference of resources.

Specialty Programs - National Focus

Supporting specialty programs nationwide, Key Risk provides workers compensation solutions to the Temporary Staffing and Marine industries (both state act and USL&H coverage). For more information on our appetite, please contact our specialty program team.

Appointed Specialty agents with Key Risk may submit new business by email.
Temporary Staffing - Specialty Programs:
USL&H Specialty Programs:

If your agency is interested in appointment with Key Risk, please contact a member of our business development team.

Your clients deserve value...

Essentials™ Risk Management is an innovative approach to risk management for all businesses - small, medium and large. This program provides all Key Risk policyholders with dedicated Risk Management services and risk management solutions specific to their needs.

Responsiveness matters...

With Essentials™ Claims Management, Key Risk’s industry leading approach to efficient claim handling, employers supported by Key Risk are provided with a personalized approach designed to tailor workers compensation claim services to meet their individual needs. Our claim professionals target a lower than industry average of 90 open indemnity claims and are dedicated to assisting each injured worker throughout the entire claim process. Click here to preview our claims resources available to your clients.

Pay as you go...

Through PremiumSync®, Key Risk's payroll reporting and billing program, eligible employers can sync their workers compensation premium with their existing payroll frequency.

For PremiumSync clients selecting a monthly payroll reporting option, a 10% deposit is required at policy inception. A deposit is not required for clients who report more frequently.

Third-Party Administration (TPA)

Key Risk provides a variety of TPA services including claims management, managed care, cost containment services, placement of excess workers compensation insurance, and risk management.

Contact your Key Risk marketing representative at 800.942.0225 for more information on available services and resources for your agency and your clients.