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All the information you need to look up a medical bill, submit documents and more.

Medical Bill Review Questions

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Online Medical Bill Lookup

Quickly view the status on a medical bill review with our online lookup tool. For the best experience, please have your Provider Tax ID (FEIN), the Claim Number or Injured Worker’s SSN and the Injured Worker’s Date of Birth available.

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Want Faster Service?

Please utilize our chat service in the bottom right-hand corner of this webpage. There is no login or claim number required. You can obtain the bill receipt date, bill status, check number and requests for EOB.

Submitting Documents

Medical bills must be submitted to the name, Key Risk, on CMS 1500 or UB04 forms. Include claimant name, complete claim number, provider name, provider billing address, provider tax ID and supporting medical records. Non-medical invoices must be submitted to the name, Key Risk, with the claimant name, complete claim number, vendor name, vendor address and vendor tax ID.

Please Submit All Medical Bills/Supporting Documentation & Non-Medical Invoices to:

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Medical Bill Reconsideration or Appeal

To submit a corrected claim or reconsideration, the bill must be labeled “RECONSIDERATION” with a copy of the original Explanation of Review (EOR) and any supporting documentation.


Submit all Medical Bill Reconsiderations to:


Key Risk

PO Box 14817

Lexington, KY 40512


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